This private initiative residential project is located next to the Circunvalação, on the northern edge of the city of Porto. The plot has a trapezoidal configuration and faces rua Nova do Rio. The building's location in the center of the plot allowed openings to be created on all its facades. Using existing alignments in the surroundings, two volumes were proposed that establish a relationship of great proximity and tension with each other. Vertical communications and distribution spaces are located in the center, in the interstice formed by the two volumes. The access to the building converges to its center, this route is accentuated by the proximity and tension between the volumes The program organizes two T0 apartments and fourteen T1 apartments, spread over four floors. A basement floor was dedicated to parking. From the outside, the building's facades are treated in a monochromatic light gray tone, which predominates in all its constructive elements. The windows obey to a random and dynamic matrix composition that at certain times breaks the corners of the volumes.

source: Ivo Tavares Studio