The Beach Huts cap the tip of the Bassin 7 mixed-use development area and grow out of the plan’s versatile framework for a lively community on the Aarhus harbour front. In front of the 26,500 M2 residential development, AARhus, the 21 Beach Huts are located in first row with direct access to the waterfront. Each unit is privately owned, where some are rented out as vacation homes. Every owner hosts minimum 10 public activities every year including lectures, exhibitions, coffee making, yoga classes and sub board lessons ensuring a buzzing urban life all year around. Two of the units are owned by the local church adding a more religious aspect to the program of the public promenade.

Taking inspiration from the traditional fisherman hut typology, the new Beach Huts are built side by side with floor-to-ceiling windows, creating panoramic views towards the harbour. The facade can fully open, extending the interior space to the outdoor promenade by the harbour front. The façade is cladded with charred wood adding a “burnt” black aesthetic to the exterior that can withstand the harsh climate by the seaside. Inside the house, the central room includes a kitchen and space for both dinning and couch area. On top of a generous bathroom the bed is located from where one can overlook the harbour.

The Beach Huts add a small scaled intimate atmosphere to the neighborhood of Bassin 7. It is a new typology that creates an original way of living and utilizing the harbour front in Aarhus. They strengthen the vision to create a new community where unique living spaces interface with a redeveloped public promenade mixing both scale and program ensuring a vibrant public waterfront open for everyone.

source: BIG