Along the banks of Hamburgs Alster, one can find the recurring typology of the so called „Alsterterrassen“, terraced buildings built in the last third of the 19th century. blrm reference this typology with their newly built housing project along the Alsterchaussee corresponding to the existing structures in cubature and color. 

The townhouses are planned as multi-units with up to a maximum of four residential units per floor. The apartments are accessed via the interior staircase or via the elevator. In the townhouses, 33 residential units will be realized. The 2- to 3-room apartments are located on the standard and first floors. The apartments on the first floor will have direct access to the garden. Furthermore, the spacious and generously designed 3-room apartments with access to the roof terrace are located on the staggered floor. The apartment typologies are repeated in each part of the building, creating a uniform façade appearance.

Recessed building and facade elements structure the building vertically and thus contribute to a rigid outer appearance. The monolithic expression is defined in detail by the window sills and parapet covers, which are precast concrete elements with drip edges and rain noses.

source: blrm Architekt*innen