CONCRETE 11 2023

CONCRETE 11 was born to fulfill a desire to live close to the center of Lisbon, without compromising the sharing with the environment granted by a country house.

The project's conception made it possible for the house to interact with its surroundings, with the reverse also being a reality.

Urban and landscape integration is ensured, as the materiality of the facades leaves the volume sober and camouflaged in the terrain. As this is a terrain with a steep slope, it was possible to let the volume function in two overlapping layers, one that serves as a base and that is embedded in the terrain and another that levitates over the first, represented by a white element, and where develops the social part of the house.

Materiality was the key point for this volume not to be just a house, but to function as a sculpture.

Priority was given to materials of national origin, from the selection of both wood and natural stones, but also to some equipment.

The interiors were conceived and designed with the aim of obtaining a welcoming and relaxing environment, giving the house a unique, modern and noise-free character.

The end result was very positive. Customers feel the house is their own, in all the dimension that customization offers, and the urban component was developed without leaving to chance the respectability that the environment lacks.

source: Ivo Tavares Studio