The Krøyers Plads site has been an architectural and political battlefield for more than a decade. Over the years, local organizations and politicians have rejected five architectural proposals for various reasons, until Cobe’s and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects' final building design for this beautiful historical site on the Christianshavn harbour front was approved. The design is based on a hyper-democratic and contextual approach – an architectural storytelling approach that strives to create a meaningful and comprehensive infill through dialogue with the local community. Rather than inventing a new building type, Krøyers Plads is a reinvention of the industrial warehouse adjacent to the site. The new Krøyers Plads thus consists of three residential warehouses that fit into the existing environment, based on insights gathered from locals living in the neighbourhood.

The residential development at Krøyers Plads won the MIPIM award for best residential development in 2015 and is the first housing project to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, testimony to high standards for indoor climate, energy use, minimizing toxic additives in building materials and high lifecycle demands.

With the previous unsuccessful visions for the Krøyers Plads site in mind, we knew that we had to take the design in a very democratic and contextual direction.

The harbour front is defined by a series of industrial warehouses, all situated perpendicular to the water’s edge, with characteristic gables in varying heights. The location, materiality and configuration of the buildings at Krøyers Plads are deeply anchored in the typological features of the warehouse.

The Krøyers Plads façade takes its inspiration from the red tile materiality on the roofs of the old warehouses in the area.

The Krøyers Plads development is situated in the front row of Copenhagen’s inner harbour, a former busy industrial port. Today, more than 300 hectares of water surface have been cleaned to bathing quality, utilizing a tremendous recreational resource. The orientation of the buildings at Krøyers Plads ensure access to the water for the residents, other Copenhageners and tourists visiting the city.

The interior open spaces of the development offer a quiet space for the residents and the more than 30,000 people passing by on bike or foot every year: A lush green biotope bringing biodiversity into an otherwise dense urban hardscape.

The Krøyers Plads development is the first to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, ensuring the residents a home with the best possible indoor climate, free of toxins, and an energy performance that is 40% above regulation requirements.

source: Office web