The 17-storey former grain silo is a natural point of orientation in Copenhagen’s new neigbourhood Nordhavn. The spatial variation within the original silo is immense due to the various functions of storing and handling grain, creating space for 39 unique apartments. Single and multi-level apartments range from 73 m² to 305 m² in size with floor heights of up to 7 meters. Both the top and lower levels have public access, to ensure a multi-dimensional experience for the various users of the building. The Silo is inhabited, but also a destination. An urban focal point for the redeveloped Nordhavn area.

In a time of resource scarcity it is important to be bold and ask the question: “Is a newbuild even necessary in this case?”

The industrial buildings and structures of Nordhavn have played a key role in defining the identity of the harbour. By retaining the identity and repurposing the robust durable concrete structures, we were able to preserve the area’s heritage and minimize the CO₂ footprint.

In The Silo, 2,740 m³ of concrete were reused, the equivalent of 380 tons of embedded CO₂. Leftover concrete from windows, decks and doors has been reused to make seating and podiums in the landscape surrounding the building.

The new façade was designed to relate to the original concrete structure and thus retain a clear continuity between new and old. A layer of insulation was added to the exterior to serve as the new building envelope.

The façade of The Silo is constructed of high-precision prefabricated 3D modules, creating an efficient sculptural “overcoat”.

The Silo’s amazing concrete spaces have been transformed into 39 unique apartments. The cut concrete becomes a characteristic detail in the interior of the apartments.

The “hat” on top of the building is designed as a generous public restaurant and viewing platform. The glass façade mirrors the surroundings during the daytime, almost vanishing into the sky.

source: Office web