DREAM (for Dimitri Roussel Ensemble Architecture Métropole)

DREAM is an architectural firm that was founded in 2018 by Dimitri Roussel. He is surrounded by around thirty collaborators with an international profile, with whom he shares a deeply humanistic creative vision.Their complementarity makes it possible to cover a wide field of skills, from urbanism to construction details.

DREAM places human spirit at the heart of its projects.

Creating spaces adapted to current ways of living and working, promoting well-being and meeting people, are major research challenges for the agency. DREAM develops projects of various types and scales - housing, offices, sports facilities, ephemeral architecture - and has strong expertise in programmatic diversity (Joia Meridia in Nice, Be Tween in Lyon Part-Dieu, Place Mazas in Paris, ESAT of Villejuif).

DREAM places sharing at the heart of its projects.

We imagine formal concepts that are dedicated to living together and benefit the many (Arbre Blanc, École Polytechnique). Our firm seeks to answer individual local social issues through adapted solutions, from establishing sporting facilities that foster sharing, diversity, and dialog (Joia Meridia, Porte Pouchet), to imagining transitional urban planning projects in order to find scalable, long-lasting solutions in evolving urban contexts (Place Mazas).

DREAM places ecology at the heart of its projects.

Erasing borders between outside and inside spaces to celebrate our connection with nature (Arboretum, Anis). Developping a bioclimatic architecture, using responsible construction methods and favor collaboration with local partners who share the same values. The agency poses the question of ecology in the design of its projects. From a Mediterranean bioclimatic architecture (White Tree) to a low carbon architecture based on the use of biobased materials (Village of Athletes, Paris 2024 Games), the agency's creation process is a perpetual quest for answers to this question.

DREAM, specialist in timber construction

Through its expertise and its values, DREAM is today one of the specialist timber construction agencies in France. In 2018, it designed the tallest timber frame office building built in France to date, and which was also one of the first to be labeled a low-carbon building in Bordeaux (Perspective). It has since started the construction of the largest wooden structure campus in Europe with an area of 125,000 m² (Arboretum) in Nanterre, and is participating in the construction of the future Village of Athletes for the Paris 2024 Games, an ecological flagship of the metropolis of Greater Paris.

source: Office web