Fernand Pouillon (14 May 1912 – 24 July 1986) was a French architect, urban planner, building contractor and writer.

Pouillon was one of the most active and influential post-World War II architects and builders in France. He is remembered for his use of ‘noble’ building materials (especially stone), his seamless integration of all phases of the building process, his inexpensive and efficient building techniques and for his harmonious juxtaposition of forms. He was a humanist, as well as an architect. His stated goal was to meet human needs, and especially, those of middle-class and poorer families who faced severe shortages of dignified housing in the post-War period.

Due to his success, ostentation and his imperious personality, he attracted the jealousy and ill-will of many. His was a tumultuous life, including prison time and a prison escape. Some architectural critics say he will be remembered as one of the great French architects of the 20th century.

source: Wikipedia