El Cañaveral

In its growth towards the southeast, the city of Madrid has colonized the empty space between Vicálvaro and Coslada with clear geometries and a conventional layout on which the buildings are arranged as small towers around a central park.

Almost twin towers

In this context, the project is conceived as two almost twin buildings, following the spirit of the masterplan, but seeking to create a unitary complex that offers a new face to the neighborhood. The two volumes are similar, but they present slight differences, so that each one maintains its own personality. We take advantage of the fact that the complex completes the front of the plot and we propose a canopy as a horizontal belt that joins both buildings and organizes the access to the buildings.

A central garden

The horizontal canopy provides a unique character, increases the space available for common areas, and generates a sequence of large porches and terraces on the ground, first and second floors. The large canopy hosts a meadow with large trees inside. Underneath, a covered perimeter walk joins the portals of both buildings; a space that provides shelter on rainy days and protected access from the street entrance.

80 homes

The project includes 80 apartments -40 per tower- on a 22 x 22 m square floor plan, around a central void that allows the built surface to be brought to the façade, providing a space for community relations. On the ground floor, the apartments are surrounded by a private garden and a large porch.

source: FRPO Rodríguez & Oriol