The Boatyard Hotel is situated in Shanwan Village, a swamp region of Zhongjiadang, within the Wujiang District of Suzhou City. This area has been designated as a leading pilot area for Green and Integrated Ecological Development in the Yangtze River Delta Proposal. Since 2020, the region has launched a series of rural revitalization plans to promote the agricultural, cultural, and tourism industries. As a result, the Boatyard Hotel and the Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove now constitute the rural revitalization demonstration zone in Qushui Shanwan.

Located at the entrance of Shanwan Village, The Boatyard Hotel is GOA's second project in the area, designed to meet vacationers’ dining and lodging needs. Along with the Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove, this architectural cluster serves as the first stop for tourists and a future community parlor for locals.

To the south of the site lies a natural wharf that ignites the architect's imagination of the bustling Jiangnan water towns. The idyllic beauty of "blue waters gently lapping against verdant shores, while small boats glide by" conjures childhood memories for every riverside generation. With the image in mind, the architect translated the local awning boat with an arched canopy into an undulating roof to compose a folk rhyme of Jiangnan.

Beyond adding a new dimension to the gentle rural skyline, the arched roof immerses visitors in a poetic viewing experience. The image of clustered awnings evokes a vibrant water town atmosphere, arousing the fancy for thriving beauty. As boats gather, stories of reunion unfold.

source: GOA