The philosophy of architecture has a universal language that needs the local, the native, the traditional. At GRAS Reynés Arquitectos we strive to create something distinctive that connects with the local context, both in terms of conceptual inspiration and materiality. Our goal is to transform while being mindful of the context.

Nowadays, sustainability is not an option, it is mandatory. Therefore, GRAS is always aware that architectural design is closely related not only to energy efficiency, but also to sustainability in its fullest sense: social, economic, cultural, and environmental. In the studio, we have about twenty professionals whose skills, knowledge, sensitivity, and creative vision make GRAS a team that is up to the challenges of today’s projects.

Our designs seek to enhance the quality of life of their users and improve the perception of the architect’s role through an ethical and respectful practice. These projects cover a wide range from the creation of unique private villas to the construction of residential houses, hotels, commercial projects, interior design and masterplan.

source: Office web