HW Studio is an architectural studio created in Morelia, Mexico in 2018, at the peak of a violent outbreak in the country. The studio emerged with the purpose of stimulating and involving eastern and western artistic and philosophical principles in architectural processes to recreate spaces that evoked and promoted the country's threatened peace.

HW Studio begins its projects with a deep study of the client, the place, and the firm itself, based on a meditation technique that facilitates space creation and design to convey a sense of serenity, tranquility, and silence in an increasingly noisy and violent world. Such a proposal avoids arbitrary and selfish responses.

HW Studio constantly seeks to promote an appreciation of what really matters in life, eliminating the non-essential from architecture to reach levels of inner peace through conscious contemplation. The studio conceives and strives to create architecture that pauses the mind and introduces silence, where small glimpses of peace can be found.

The name, HW Studio, comes from the union of letter H, which in Spanish is considered the silent letter, and thus the graphic representation of silence, and the letter W, that comes from the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi. The latter is a concept best left unexplained, as language is the enemy of understanding. 

source: v2com