MOON RA 2021


Moon Ra is a vernacular structure built to dance around the fire. The large circular roof embraces the festival goers and offers a temporary shelter for unexpected and wild behavior. Around the fire pit, the absence of a dance floor leaves the bare feet of the dancers in direct contact with the ground. The rotating disc at the top of the hut opens to the moon, sending mysterious smoke signals to the neighboring hyperboloid chimneys. To build this haven, the tectonically recognizable Feathers Stage by Fala Atelier (2019) was disassembled, catalogued and re-constructed. Each element of the previous dance floor takes on a new function and becomes part of a primal transformation. 

Built for the Horst Festival, Vilvoorde (BE), using exclusively repurposed construction materials of Feathers Stage by Fala Atelier in 2019. The pavilion was entirely built by design students during a one week construction workshop.

source: Leopold Banchini Architects