The project is located in one of the oldest streets in the Aveiro city, where the architectural richness of the old facades is a hallmark of the city. The project is based on the demolition of a degraded building and the construction of a multifamily housing and commercial building. As such, given the context of the place, one of the premises of the project is to maintain and rehabilitate the facade of the existing building, requalifying it and thus preserving its historical and architectural value in the arrangement of Dr. Lourenço Peixinho Avenue. The area has a rectangular shape and accentuated morphology, since from the north to the south side, we find a height difference of about 2.50 m. The land on the other sides has contiguous buildings with very defined alignments. Taking into account the site to be developed, the analysis of the surroundings is essential for a good relationship between the new and the existing. In terms of volume, the surroundings are inconstant, the different heights of the buildings mark a disordered design. In order to ensure a harmonious street front, a single volume is proposed, which, in front of the existing façade, is set back, thus not taking a leading role from that same façade. The proposed volume assumes a height of 4 floors, ensuring that, in the future, the buildings neighboring the building can draw a uniform skyline. Therefore, a smooth language of height transition is guaranteed to bridge the volumetric difference existing on this street front. In this area, the roof design is very characteristic and striking. To this end, the proposed volume assumes a gable design, which, having as its lowest point the façade of Dr. Lourenço Peixinho Avenue, minimizes the impact of volume. On the rear facade, the volume assumes a height of 5 floors. The roof design continues the two elevations. On floor 0, on Dr. Lourenço Peixinho Avenue, due to its commercial character and pedestrian characterization, gives the pedestrian entrance to the building. Cmdt Street. Rocha e wedge, which, due to its more car-like character, assumes a secondary façade character, being then in this street, the design of the car access. The composition of the main elevation is careful, so as not to take the role of the existing elevation to be recovered, the materiality of the intervention is uniform, as if it were a single piece. To this end, the new elevation appears set back, with the new openings having the same characterizing alignments of the existing elevation. In the rear elevation, facing Rua Cmdt. Rocha e Cunha, for the composition of the elevation, there are small protrusions that try to create a distinct rhythm, at the same time giving the possibility that the interior can be exterior.

source: Ivo Tavares Studio