The intervention is based on the client’s premises of turning over the largest number of square meters to the large terrace, with views of Torrespaña, as well as concealing domestic life with work at home. 

A new central space orders the composition of the rooms, leaving the secondary bedrooms and bathrooms at the bottom and giving preference to the views of the master bedroom and the public area.

New centrality of the domestic space

This central space responds, in a contemporary way, to the current requirements of concealing work and life at home. A flexible space tank that allows a double domesticwork condition at the core of the intervention.

In a completely opened situation, it underlines the importance of this space within the public area of the home. It allows the dissolution of the boundary between the domestic sphere and work at home. A large lacquered circle strengthens the diagonal 

connection of all the rooms for public use in the house, understood from the entrance as a single continuous space.

For a more private use, the acoustic curtains and practicable side openings allow this space to be provided with the necessary privacy when the situation requires it. Work time turns into a completely independent box out of the domestic space.

Neutral spaces, notes of intensity

A matrix of strategically placed objects intensify the uses of the house. Large custommade furniture define the transition from the most private to the most public spaces at the intervention.

The objects have a powerful presence, sometimes due to its materiality (mirrors, microcement and campaspero stone) and other times because of its geometry (central circle, kitchen countertop and home office’s desk). They articulate and qualify 

the spaces of the house, characterized by their neutrality of tones and the careful detail of their encounters.

source: MOCA Estudio