The village of Matsudai is located deep in the mountains of the Niigata-prefecture. Once every three years in summertime, the ‘Niigata Art Triennial’ (art-festival) is held in the region. During this festival, the building operates as the main stage of events taking place.

By lifting the building in the air, the area under the building is a snow free zone in winter and a dry and shaded plaza during summer. Under the programmatic roof, plays, dance shows and concerts can be held.

The building is supported by bridge-like ‘legs’ that give access to visitors coming from different directions, such as the station, the car parking or the park near the river. These legs form the physical structure of the building and generate a column free space underneath. The leg-spaces are free from the weather conditions and cut through the building dividing the different functional spaces. Lifting up the building also avoids the pressure of the snow from aside.

On the rooftop, a ‘rocky’ landscape is formed, as a ‘force-scape’ shaped by the dynamic demands of the leg-shaped bridges. This artificial ‘icy’ roof landscape will provide an attractive playground and viewing platform to the mountains and the artworks. It might also remind summer visitors of the wintertime, when Matsudai will be hidden under a massive layer of snow.

source: MVRDV