NORRØN specialises in destination development focusing on creating authentic and qualitative architecture aimed at tourism and the experience economy, both as a strategic tool and within the individual architectural work.

Destination development initially addresses what is special in any given location, subsequently what is connecting the individual locations together across a distinct geographical entity. Every destination has a unique collection of local stories and potentials. It is the ability to identify, refine and further develop these positions of strength that makes it possible to create strong destinations with an international perspective. Consequently destination development is at once a local, regional and national concern.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of our society, especially in the light of the changes that are taking place throughout the world. Changes in which whole regions are being depopulated and consequently facing the task of reinventing themselves in order to survive.

Today, tourism is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, but this powerful economic engine is often accompanied by a well-founded fear that its implementation will result in the alienation of the local community and its self-image. However, when anchored locally, tourism has the potential to be used to achieve a positive development in an area otherwise under pressure.

For us, it is about another way of thinking in order to help reinvent a location in its own image through curiosity, innovative interpretation of the Nordic aesthetic and a style of civic engagement.

– An ability to articulate compelling stories and turning challenges into new opportunities.

source: NORRØN