The customers already owned the warehouse adjacent to the intervention area where the companies are based, but with its exponential growth the need to increase the physical space of the company became perennial.

The main challenges of this intervention were the interconnection of the two warehouses, in order to be able to seam the original space and the new space in the most fluid and natural way possible, and the creation of dynamics between the two companies, which although distinct, work synergistically.

One of the most important issues in designing a company's headquarters is to create a space that expresses and is in line with the corporate culture.

In this case, both E-goi and Clavel's kitchen, present a rather informal type of management, although extremely professional, and asked us for a space that would express that, a fluid, equal, heterogenous and unpretentious space.

In terms of functionalities the new space should guarantee a lot of spatial flexibility, to respond to the company's growth, include a new photography studio, several meeting rooms, some formal, some informal, video-call booths and a dining space that could accommodate at least a hundred people at a time.

In order to achieve all the intended functionalities, we distributed a series of wooden boxes, where we integrated all the enclosed spaces, meeting rooms, bathrooms and video room booths. It is the distribution of these boxes throughout the space that defines all the spatial dynamics. By distributing these functions, in a heterogenic way throughout the space, and by mismatching these elements, in a kind of organized chaos, we guaranted spatial versatility, and created a series of nooks and crannies that allow several kinds of appropriation, assigning each one of them a distinct personality. We guarantee ample spaces, where the interaction between co-workers takes place with great naturalness, and more discrete spaces, where you can read a book, relax, or even have a more informal meeting.

source: PAULO MERLINI architects