In 2015, following a 2014 international design competition, architecture firm REX was commissioned to design the Perelman Performing Arts Center, a new, state-of-the-art, not-for-profit performing arts center.

REX’s 129,000-square-foot design, created in close collaboration with theater consultant Charcoalblue (which developed the initial brief), and executive architect Davis Brody Bond, is inspired by PAC NYC’s artistic mission. The building will provide unparalleled theatrical flexibility, foster powerful artistic expression, and deliver technologically advanced and digitally connected spaces for creative performance.

The building’s marble façade creates an elegant monolith by day; by night, the solid façade dematerializes and glows warmly from within. This transformative façade is composed of translucent, veined Portuguese marble (Estremoz Luminati) laminated on both sides with glass and fabricated into integrated, insulated panels. The stone-glass panels allow daylight to penetrate while upholding energy performance and protecting the marble from extreme weather conditions.

PAC NYC includes three flexible venues of different sizes. Using large movable walls and adjacent scene docks, these theaters can be combined or transformed into ten proportions and more than five dozen configurations. Physically and acoustically, the performance spaces can accommodate a multiplicity of artistic disciplines (from intimate drama to dance to opera), creative visions, and experiences. A toolkit of automated and manual technical systems enables creative teams to transform the spaces to fulfill their desired artistic expressions and audience experiences.

source: PAC NYC