Architect and engineer, awarded the Grand prix National d’Architecture in 2006 and the Médaille d’or de l’Académie d’architecture, Rudy Ricciotti is representative of this generation of architects who combine the power of creation with a genuine culture of construction.

Pioneer and ambassador of concrete, he sublimates innovative uses of concrete in landmark projects such as the Vitrolles Stadium – 1994, the National Choreographic Center – the Black Pavilion in Aix-en-Provence – 2006, the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton – 2011, the Department of Islamic Arts at the Louvre Museum – 2012, the MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations) in Marseille – 2013, the Jean Bouin Stadium in Paris – 2013, the Bridge of the Republic in Montpellier – 2014, the Camp de Rivesaltes Memorial – 2015, or the Bordeaux Métropole Arena and parking in Floirac – 2017, the Humanist Library at Sélestat – 2018, the Regional Found of Contemporary Art Normandie-Caen – 2019, the Contemporary and Contemporary Music-Hall in Aix-en-Provence – 2019, the Nantes Train station – 2020.

He has also constructed abroad, the Philharmonie Nikolaisaal in Potsdam, Germany – 2000, the Peace Bridge in Seoul, South Korea – 2002, and the CIAC “La Boverie” (International Center of Art and Culture) in Liège, Belgium – 2016.

Rudy Ricciotti is also the author of numerous books and pamphlets, including Le Beau, le brut et les truands (conversation with Paul Chemetov) published by Textuel – 2021, Premières lignes published by Cassis Belli – 2019, L’exil de la beauté published by Textuel – 2019, Je te ressers un pastis ? published by l’Aube – 2019, Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes published by Archibooks – 2016, Le béton en garde à vue published by Lemieux Éditeur – 2015, En vain published by Jannink – 2014, Conversations imaginaires “ou pas” published by un autre Reg’Art – 2014, L’architecture est un sport de combat published by Textuel – 2013, HQE published by Le Gac Press – 2013.

source: Office web