Bioclimatic architecture

Design thinking about climatic conditions to reduce environmental impacts, always trying to reduce energy consumption. Bioclimatic architecture is closely linked to ecological construction, that is, to environmentally responsible construction processes and the management of resources in a sustainable way. This architecture not only has a benefit on the environment and the environment, but also has a positive impact on the quality of life of people.

Passive Homes

A passive house means a great saving in energy consumption. These houses have a much lower energy demand than a standard construction. Although the cost of construction of these houses may be higher, it is always profitable, since the initial increase is amortized in the first years of use of the house, thanks to minimal heating and electricity costs.

Custom furniture design

Unique pieces specially designed for each project. Thinking of each space and its atmosphere. The custom furniture completes the projects, making everything work under the same idea and transmitting an image that everything fits. 

source: Office web