Devesa Pharmacy is located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, nestled between the city's green areas and the urban center. Its prime location, with direct road access via Avenida do Brasil, played a pivotal role in selecting the site and realizing the project. The access road is one of the main entry points to the city center, providing convenient access for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

The architectural intervention of Devesa Pharmacy respects the existing structure, consisting of two offset parallelepiped volumes. The project adds a curved parapet that unifies the volume and indicates the path to the Farmadrive.

The street-facing facade invites passersby into the interior through large windows during the day, transforming into a generous illuminated showcase at night.

Vehicle circulation and parking have been carefully planned in the surrounding area, while the interior of the pharmacy has been organized in compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring a clear separation between the patient access area and the space reserved for healthcare professionals.

At the center of the pharmacy is a spacious service area with a premium zone for special health, beauty, and wellness events. The integration of a medication-dispensing robot simplifies and streamlines the management of patients' medications. This central element allows for efficient organization of the space, separating the public area from private areas such as the laboratory, storage, service entrance, medication area, and the internal Farmadrive space.

The materials and colors used inside reflect an urban palette of neutral tones, creating a serene and cohesive environment where products and packaging stand out on the shelves and displays.

Externally, the white wall panels terminate with a wainscot that meets the pavement with the same materiality, including the courtyard surrounding the premium zone, the vending machine for health products, and the Farmadrive service point. The project aims to promote visibility and visual contact between the interior and exterior, creating proximity for both those traveling on the public road and pedestrians.

In summary, the project adopts a discreet architectural language, with elements that provide identity to the context in which it is situated, such as the parapet, courtyard, and entrance, contributing to the urban character of the location and reinforcing Devesa Pharmacy as a distinctive healthcare space in the city.

source: Ivo Tavares Studio