The project aims to create a simple continuity along the coast with room for differentiated spatial elements, following the need of the context and the input of local governance and citizens. To achieve this we propose the construction of a white concrete boardwalk. More importantly, along this promenade, the local species ‘Pinus Pinea’ are planted, creating a structure that enhances the spatial quality of the waterfront with minimal effort. The existing trees of the Soda Woods were extended along the entire coastline to create not only a harmonious whole, but also a unique and specific image.

Linked by the promenade and the line of trees, several areas are tackled in a more focused, more diverse way, for example through the creation of quite distinct beach areas, new 10 grounds and differentiated 7 spaces such as a park, an amphitheatre and an urban square.

An essential aspect of the project is to improve the link between the city and the sea. The waterfront intervenes as a connector between the two. By reducing the width of the road, providing more guidance and order in the lay-out, and by increasing the number of pedestrian crossings the users circulate more easily between the esplanade, bars and restaurants on the city side and the 7 gardens, beaches and plaza on the seaside. With renovated beaches, sunken squares and stairs we open up the seaside to citizens and visitors alike.

source: Office web