Huashengbang Ideal Village is a rural revitalization project located in Dongbangtou Village, Heshan Town, with its core areas set in Huashengqiao Natural Village and Nanshengbang Natural Village. The Heshan Town government works with Xband Club to construct an ideal village that consists of waterfront B&B, artistic restaurant, Huasheng Academy, rural art gallery and waterfront tea bar, etc., by drawing on cultural elements such as Feng Zikai's cemetery and "escape wharf", and taking advantage of various resources, such as Huashengqiao Natural Village, retained industrial plants, and agricultural and industrial bases. Through integrating with surrounding water systems, farmlands and other natural elements and improving the infrastructure and surrounding environment, the goal is to create a demonstrative, influential and beautiful pastoral building complex. Taking the Huashengbang Ideal Village project as an opportunity, Heshan Town actively explores the combination of agriculture and tourism, agriculture and culture, works to upgrade villages in aspects of industry, economy and lifestyle, and aims to construct a future rural community that sets an example in Jiaxing City.