Casa PER is a continuation of a line of projects focused on exploring the sequentiality of spaces in architecture through contrasting orders and qualities. In this case this relationship and succession revolves around a courtyard with a fig tree as the main element.

Catalog of spaces

The types of spaces are freely combined to alter the sequences. In this project we find: 

Lintel-spaces (living room, kitchen, bedroom): expanded, in which the line marked by the carpentries and changes in height of false ceiling bare the entire structure of the building, composed of a complex structure of porches and load-bearing walls. Connecting spaces (lobby, dressing room, reading corner): compact, designed with cementitious finishes on the floor, walls and ceiling, in green tones. They contain intensifying elements that organize the house in a compositional and functional way.

Matrix of objects

The objects, with a distinctive presence, stand out for their materiality and emphatic geometry. They articulate and qualify the spaces in which they are inserted. The comparison focuses on color: red, with a wide range of materialities that underline steps that break the strict rules of the game, places to rest and lattices that allow to observe the outside.

source: MOCA Estudio