An architecture practice/studio with a southern accent

Co-founded in Nîmes in 1989 by Jacques GARCIN and Dominique DELORD, TAUTEM finds a new dynamic with the arrival of Adrian GARCIN in 2015 as an architectural partner. He becomes director in 2017 and in 2018 moves and sets up the practice in the heart of the city of Montpellier. A strategic situation that links the building sites together around the Mediterranean basin.

In thirty-two years of practice, TAUTEM has often had to deal with issues related to building and rehabilitation programmes within the framework of government or private contracts.

A sustainable architecture

At TAUTEM, every project is considered unique. Our proposals always convey a practical and poetic vision of a site, of a function. The living spaces we imagine are strong and delicate, low cost and comfortable, healthy and adaptable. Our projects are informed by sustainable values rather than fashion.

Architecture must be safe and healthy and remain so. Because we use strong materials, guarantee a natural ventilation of the premises and facilitate maintenance of the equipment, our buildings provide a healthy and sustainable quality of the spaces.

Finally, architecture harbours the uses of today and tomorrow. Our projects not only support the expectations of today’s users but also answer the purpose of alternative uses and provide for the conditions of their future demolition. We thus favour implementing sustainable and sound materials that allow evolving uses and delay obsolescence.

A committed environmental approach

Sustainable development is at the heart of our work. As is shown by the advanced training in environmental approach of one of our directors as well as the HQE (High environmental Quality) certification and the BDM Gold (sustainable Mediterranean Building) level obtained by the Montaigne Multimedia Library in Frontignan, and the BDM silver level obtained by the Antoine de Ruffi school complex.

Convinced that by its form and conception, architecture can limit its environmental impact and ensure comfortable housing, we make sure that this performance is obtained with very low energy consumption. Characteristic of our buildings is a strong thermic inertia. They use devices that ensure free-cooling with most efficient systems of ventilation and night destockage.

Anxious to adapt to the evolutions of project management and engineering, we have acquired the BIM competence to ensure fluidity of conception until the exploitation of our buildings. The Antoine de Ruffi school complex has thus been a BIM experimental project.

Tautem was nominated for the Equerre d’Argent in 2015, the Mies van der Rohe award in 2016 and won the Trophée Béton in 2017 for the Montaigne Multimedia Library. The practice also won the Languedoc-Roussillon Architecture Prize in 2012 for the Maison de l’Enfance Charlotte Ferreres in Castelnau-le-Lez.

source: TAUTEM Architecture